Standards Committee Details

The Standards Committee is responsible for promoting and maintaining a high standards of conduct by Councillors, co-opted Members and Parish Council representatives.

It does this by means of an induction for newly elected Councillors, and training for established Councillors. The Committee will also hear and respond to any alleged cases of misconduct.

2018/2019 Standards Committee members

The composition of the Committee for 2018/2019 is -


  • Malcolm Ladell
  • Charles Yarwood (C)
  • John Chandler (Substitute)
  • Rosemary Dickson (Substitute)

Liberal Democrat

  • Paul Elderton (VC)
  • Wayne Monkman
  • Elizabeth Daly (Substitute)
  • Emma Norman (Substitute)


  • Mary Cooper
  • Patricia Wiltshire
  • Alan Reilly (Substitute)

Parish Council (non-voting representatives)

  • Roger Hammond
  • Stuart McLachlan

For a full listing of Mole Valley District Councillors, please visit Who are your Councillors.

Last Updated: 13/03/2019

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