Clean High Street

Take the Clean High Street Pledge! We are inviting Mole Valley businesses to help us keep Mole Valley clean by promoting responsible behaviour in the workplace.

High Street Pledge
High Street Pledge
High Street Pledge

We'd like you to do this by encouraging a litter conscious attitude amongst staff and customers.

Why should your business support the pledge?

The quality of public space matters to everyone including businesses

Clean public spaces attract custom as people like to shop in a clean and safe environment.

Businesses suffer from customers dropping litter

Litter degrades the perception of a business and will reduce trade. Brand reputation can also be damaged when products are discarded as litter.

Businesses are powerful role models to customers

Businesses maintaining clean, tidy and litter free premises have a positive influence on customer's perception and behaviour.

Local agreements are the best

We will ensure that your pledge is widely recognised through wide and extensive promotion via social media and in the local press. We can also be your first port of call for any litter advice or information.

Sign up to the Clean High Street Pledge

We simply ask that you

  • Help keep your shop frontage clear from litter by recognising when your business may be contributing to litter levels and take positive action to reduce it
  • Actively encourage your staff and customers not to drop
    litter or cigarette butts
  • Display your window sticker with pride

If your business would like to get involved, please call 01306 885001 or email

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Last Updated: 21/09/2016

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