Message from the Leader - August

This month, I am pleased to report further progress on the implementation of the new administration's programme for change.

Cabinet Working Groups have been established to undertake a comprehensive review of all Car Parking policies and to establish a route for moving back to a Council Committee system of governance. In addition, we are contemplating the establishment of a Working Group to advise on the implementation of our Climate Emergency programme.  

Cllr S Cooksey
Photo of Cllr S Cooksey
Cllr S Cooksey

Significant progress is being made on the preparation of the Local Plan, with the aim of a consultation draft being presented for consideration by Council in 15 October 2019. If the consultation draft is agreed, the public consultation is scheduled to take place between 21 October and 1 December.

Our quest to seek a reduction in the overall number of houses required by the Government continues. The Cabinet Member for Planning and I met with the Government's Chief Planning Officer and his team in London on 30 July to set out our arguments for a reduction.

The Cabinet also met later that day to consider how to change some of the priorities for the current Council year that we inherited in May, taking full account of the Council's current financial situation. We have been able to add a number of new priorities to those that we have already agreed. A full list will be published shortly.

Discussion have been held with the County Council on the future of the Dorking Tip, which is looking much brighter than it did a few months ago. However, a final decision is awaited and we will do everything that we can to prevent the closure of the facility.

We fully recognise that there is continuing concern about certain aspects of the performance of the refuse collection service and we are determined to continue to put pressure on the contractor, Amey, to resolve these problems. Please continue to report any unsatisfactory aspect of this service either online or by calling 01306 885001.

Councillor Stephen Cooksey
Leader of the Council

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