District Elections: 3 May 2018

Mole Valley District Council is composed of 41 councillors and elections are held by thirds, which means that one third of the seats are subject to re-election in each of three successive years, with County Council elections held every fourth year.

District Elections are on Thursday 3 May for the following wards:

  • Ashtead Common
  • Ashtead Park
  • Ashtead Village
  • Bookham North
  • Bookham South
  • Brockham, Betchworth & Buckland
  • Capel, Leigh & Newdigate
  • Dorking North
  • Dorking South
  • Fetcham East
  • Fetcham West
  • Holmwoods
  • Leatherhead North
  • Leatherhead South

Casting Your Vote

If you are unsure about the location of your polling station, check your poll card. Alternatively view a complete list of Polling Stations, or contact our elections team on 01306 879198.

Emergency Proxy

In certain circumstances, if you have an emergency that means you cannot go to your polling station in person, you can apply for an emergency proxy up to 5pm on Thursday 3 May. Please call 01306 879198 or email electoral.registration@molevalley.gov.uk.

Postal Votes

Voters who have opted to vote by post need to make sure their postal ballot pack is returned by 10pm. Voters can hand their ballot pack in at their polling station.


Last Updated: 03/05/2018

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