Innovative Plans to Create More Affordable Homes

On 27 March, Mole Valley District Council's (MVDC) Executive will consider a report proposing new forward-thinking strategies to deliver more affordable homes.

Providing affordable homes for those most in need is one of MVDC's key priorities. The Council currently works with housing associations to provide an average of 50 homes a year, but the demand is higher than this, and other approaches must be explored.  

The report recommends that MVDC takes measures to maximise the opportunity to deliver affordable homes through the new Local Plan and, where the right circumstances present, to create a subsidiary of MVDC's new property company MOVA and establish a housing company.

The report also recommends that over the next six months officers explore joint venture opportunities with development partners.

Council assets that are considered for redevelopment will be assessed for the inclusion of affordable homes.

Councillor Corinna Osborne-Patterson, Executive Member for Communities, Services and Housing, said
"Providing new affordable homes in Mole Valley is a significant challenge, as we have a high percentage of land that is designated Green Belt or protected in other ways. The cost of housing relative to wages in Mole Valley is also one of the highest in the country.

"Progressive new solutions such as those proposed in this report are the way forward. We must ensure that people on lower incomes who live and work in Mole Valley have access to homes that they can afford in the area. This will always be balanced with protecting and enhancing the built and natural environment, including the Green Belt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty."
Last Updated: 19/03/2018

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