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Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

MVDC reviews its polling districts, polling places and polling stations every five years to ensure that they meet accessibility needs for voters including those with disabilities.

We are currently reviewing the polling districts and polling places used during elections. The official Notice of Review is available below.

The principles underlying the Council's approach to polling districts and polling places are:

  1. To retain the current network of polling districts and polling places as far as possible, to minimise disruption to voters
  2. To try and identify new polling places in areas where the existing provision is inadequate or will become unavailable for future elections
  3. To ensure, as far as practicable, that polling places are accessible to people with disabilities
  4. To ensure that all electors have reasonable facilities for voting
  5. To try and minimise disruption to schools

The current arrangements and proposals for changes are available at the Council offices and on this webpage.

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