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Our Values include listening to our customers and caring about what you tell us.

You can give us your feedback at any time by completing an

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or by calling us on 01306 885001.

Here are some examples of the changes we have made to the way we do things as a result of your feedback. Other examples can be downloaded below. We hope that these help make life a little easier when you contact us:

  • I am moving. You told us you wanted to be able to tell our Council Tax team that you have moved by filling on an online form rather than having to call us. We have added this, and other Council Tax online forms, to our website.
  • Dorking Halls. You told us that there was not enough leg room in the bleachers of the Grand Hall. We have now taken out the kick boards to make more room.
  • Parking letters. You told us that you found some of our letters confusing. We have re-written our parking letters to make the information clearer.
  • Development Control Committee agendas. You told us that you found it hard to find the item that you were looking for on the online agenda. We have separated out each agenda item and included a link with the planning reference number, to help with this.
  • Dorking Halls café. You told us you would like to be able to access fresh water when using the café. We now provide jugs for this purpose which also mean you can re-fill a water bottle if you need to.
  • Local Plan. You told us you would like to be kept up to date with the progress of the Local Plan. It is now possible to subscribe to a new 6-weekly e-newsletter to keep you informed.
  • Committee information. You told us it would be helpful to know when the next committee meeting is due. We have added this information to our meeting web pages.
  • Leatherhead Leisure Centre. You told us that you were frustrated with some areas of the service offered. We have now set up quarterly customer forums for centre members to meet the Fusion management team to discuss any issues.

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Last Updated: 06/07/2018

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