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Heritage Open Days 25th Anniversary Booklet out now!

The special edition leaflet for the 25th annual Heritage Open Days in Mole Valley is now available to pick up from Dorking Halls, libraries and community spaces across Mole Valley. This year will showcase a wonderful variety of events that put 'Mole Valley on the Map' this September.

25 years ago a small number of towns and cities throughout England took part in the first Heritage Open Days, a new concept that involved providing free access to interesting places not normally open to the public. Gradually the scale of the event grew, incorporating more and more areas of the country and greater numbers of events and visitors. Today it is England's largest voluntary festival of culture, attracting over 3 million visitors across England last year. The length of the event increased too. This year, for the first time, Heritage Open Days extends over a 10 day period from 13th to 22nd September.

During that period, in Mole Valley alone, there are over 70 events detailed in the programme booklet. The programme is designed to appeal to a wide range of interests and ages, telling the stories of people and places that make our towns, villages and countryside special, unique and worth celebrating.

Councillor David Draper, Cabinet Member for Leisure, said: "Find out about the fantastic events taking place this year in our new booklet.

"Events are free to anyone who wishes to enjoy them. We are, as ever, grateful to the local communities who organise the amazing range of open properties, guided walks, talks and performances. Thanks to their enthusiasm and expertise, the scale and quality of events can rival the great historic towns and cities of England that also participate in Heritage Open Days.

"Heritage Open Days is a celebration of the quirky, the unique, the eccentric, the diverse and the beautiful. All those things that together make Mole Valley a magical place. We hope that the programme of events on this the 25th anniversary of Heritage Open Days will bring that magic to life."


Some events require pre-booking. Please refer to the booklet or check online for details on how to secure your place. For more information, please visit

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