Summer Holiday Activities 2021

More than 500 children aged 5 - 16 years old took part in free holiday activities provided by Mole Valley District Council this summer. There were nine activities to choose from with multi-sports being the most popular, closely followed by football. Young people could also try orienteering, scooting, fitness, golf, skateboarding, angling and tennis.

The average rating for the activities was exceptionally good at 9/10. Over 50% of parents who completed the MVDC holiday activities feedback form* noticed improvement in the skills and behaviours of their children and over 82% confirmed that their children are likely to become more active as a result of the activities provided.

One of the parents said: “With the scooting sessions in particular I noticed a boost in confidence in both of my children who are aged 8 and 11. My son, in particular, went from a very shy child on the scooter who just stayed on the edges, to doing complete circuits and cheering on everyone else in the group in the space of one session. He is autistic so for him to overcome his anxiety, relax into the activity and join in so wholeheartedly is a huge credit to the scooting instructor, who was incredible with all the kids!”

Another parent added: “We found the whole thing brilliant in all aspects. The coaches were so friendly, inclusive and enthusiastic. The organisers were efficient and helpful.”

Councillor David Draper, MVDC’s Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism, said: “I was thrilled to see that so many children enjoyed MVDC’s Holiday Activities and are keen to become more active as a result. Encouraging exercise and a healthy lifestyle from an early age is very important and brings long-term benefits. I would like to thank all sport and leisure organisations as well as our fantastic coaches for keeping Mole Valley active. Based on the feedback from parents, we know that over 82% participants are keen to join our next active programme. You can see our latest holiday activities video on YouTube and follow us on Twitter (@MVDCSport) or Facebook (@molevalleysport) for keeping active tips and ideas”

*The Holiday Activities online feedback form was emailed to all parents who signed children up for the programme. All data used above are based on 137 responses received.