40 Ways to Wellbeing

Now more than ever it’s important to look after your wellbeing. Here are some low or no-cost ideas for keeping connected with loved ones and your mind and body happy. 

10 ways to keep your mind happy | 10 ways to keep connected | 10 ways to keep your body active | 10 ways to get creative



10 ways to keep your mind happy

Sometimes a bit of distraction is just what you need, whether you’re looking to relax or challenge your brain a bit.

  1. Let your local library handpick a selection of books for you with Surrey Library’s Ready Reads
  2. Go on a tour of museums and galleries around the world with Google Arts and Culture
  3. Take a free online course at the Open University with OpenLearn
  4. Dreaming about your next foreign holiday? In preparation learn some words in the language of your chosen country. Language apps can be great fun
  5. See wellbeing book recommendations at reading-well.org.uk
  6. Take a break from your screen and listen to a new podcast
  7. Take a look at Mind’s evidence-based Five Ways to Wellbeing
  8. Learn a new word - it can make you smarter
  9. Check out the BBC’s mental health toolkit Headroom for mindful tips, mood mixes, personal stories and motivation
  10. Learn a bit about the benefits of mindfulness

10 ways to keep connected

Relationships with others are so important for our wellbeing. Here are some ways to stay connected in a Covid world.

  1. Schedule in a weekly catch-up with a friend or family member
  2. Join a coffee morning from your kitchen with Healthy Surrey’s virtual wellbeing sessions 
  3. Hug a pet! It releases the feel-good hormone Oxytocin into your bloodstream, which can reduce stress
  4. Volunteering can be great way to make a difference and feel more connected to your community, and some roles are home based
  5. Try a new recipe with friends over a video call, then sit down and eat together!
  6. Have a virtual lunch break with your colleagues or study mates
  7. Suffering from digital fatigue? How about sending an old-fashioned letter to a loved one? It will be a lovely surprise for them and you might receive something nice back
  8. Fed up with not being able to see friends in other countries and cities? How about taking them on walk around your neighbourhood via video call?
  9. Watch a movie in sync with friends or family then share your reviews
  10. Join a Facebook community group like Mole Valley Together

10 ways to keep your body active

Physical activity is great for your body and mind, and you should aim to be active every day. 

  1. Have a spring clean (it’s a great way to get moving!)
  2. Try out a free POPSUGAR Fitness workout – there are more than 500 videos from celebrity trainers and fitness experts covering boxing, dance, pilates, HIIT and more
  3. Go for a spring walk with a friend (or on your own with your latest favourite music playlist)
  4. Try a new healthy lunch recipe
  5. Do an online exercise class with a friend
  6. Take up running at your own pace with NHS Couch to 5K
  7. Download the NHS Active 10 app to record every minute of walking that you do. Walking briskly, even for 1 minute, counts as exercise!
  8. Feel like you’ve put on a bit of weight over lockdown? You’re not alone. Try this free NHS 12-week weight loss plan
  9. Learn a bit about healthy eating with the NHS’s easy-to-read Eatwell Guide
  10. Stopping smoking is one of the best things you'll ever do for your health. Download the free NHS Smokefree app to get started

10 ways to get creative

Getting creative can be a great way to express how you’re feeling, have fun and get a sense of satisfaction. You could even make a personalised gift for a friend. 

  1. Learn about the therapeutic benefits of writing (and how easy it is to get started) from local psychologist and poet Jacky Power
  2. Re-live past holidays by putting together a scrapbook of your adventures
  3. Upcycle an old and unloved piece of furniture by painting it a new colour
  4. Plant a herb garden! If you don’t have a garden, go for your windowsill – you just need a jar, seeds and soil
  5. Try a paint-by-numbers print – fun to do and a great way to freshen up a wall
  6. Finally watch that TV show everyone has been talking about. It may be the perfect way to treat yourself to some relaxation-time, which we all need at the moment
  7. Try baking a new cake (and don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect)
  8. Join local choir All Aloud Community Choir for an online singing session, Tuesdays 7 - 8pm
  9. Create a vision board for how you’d like your ideal home to look
  10. Take an online art class with Surrey Adult Learning

If you're find it hard to cope

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